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Originally Posted by Kimojacky View Post
Just tested. Seems XD5 no issue but iCUE/CommanderPro does.
Don't jump to that conclusion yet. The issue reported by several other users relates to the XD5 being unable to deliver a RPM signal along the tachometer wire. This gives you the "0 RPM" reading. Since the Commander Pro users RPM based curve control, that effectively kills the normal control mechanic.

There are a few ways to verify which is the issue:

1) Connect any other PWM fan to C-Pro #6 (or wherever the XD5 was) and see if you have fixed RPM or custom curve control. If you do, the header is fine.

2) Your motherboard likely uses PWM % for fan fan control, thus the exact RPM reading is not required for control. However, the motherboard still will not be able to produce a pump RPM is the tachometer wire/sensor is not functional. Do you have a pump speed in the BIOS?

3) If you do not have a pump speed in the BIOS, it likely means the premise here is true. You can leave the pump on the motherboard for now, but you would have more control putting it back on the C-Pro and using fixed %. Then you will have desktop control over it. You don't really need the pump to be dynamically adjustable. Setting to 40-50% should be reasonably quiet and all give you all the performance you need.

Unfortunately, there is also the possibility both pump RPM reporting and the Commander Pro header has failed together. That was the position I found myself in. If the pump is no longer reporting a RPM, you may wish to return it to the vendor or RMA through Corsair.
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