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Default RAM causing stuttering

Hi there .
So I got really weird problem, I recently got 4 dimm of corsair vengeance rgb ram 4x8GB (cmw16gx4m2c3000c15) upgraded from 16 gb of vengeance lpx .
The problem is that when RGB is enabled on RAM games stutter like crazy, every half second ,but as soon as I turn off completely rgb effects on RAM games are running smooth no problems , I tried all kinds of BIOS Settings ,voltage, frequency, tried XMP ( crashes right away ) , so idk what to do, if anyone has an idea why using rgb on RAM would make games to stutter and as well humming .
I am using ASUS z370-f and 8700k (stock settings )

as well I checked difirent combinations for ram using 1 dimm at time or 2 at time cheking them separate .and still same result . stutter and noise.

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