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So question here, just how old is the keyboard and was it in warranty when you contacted them regarding this? Also are you in the states?

As for doing this to sell new versions, I am going to say that's a negative there. Heck if you knew how much I hated crApple you would see that Corsair pales to them in that department and with my recent history on here should speak to the fact I do not like what I have seen with them lately.

Back to first questions, if you are in the states (not sure how this works elsewhere), and if the keyboard was in warranty WHEN you contacted them regarding this, so long as it is the same issue they cannot deny a warranty request as the "problem" was brought to their attention before the warranty ran out. I use quotes here because it isn't the keyboard that's the issue. Its the software, and its been the software all along with this stuff. Not saying the hardware doesn't have issues at times though.

But no, not acceptable especially if that's the optics people are starting to get because of all the problems of late.
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