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Default Corsair are trying to force customers to buy new products.

Several months back, Corsair released an iCue update and suddenly about 15 of my keys were displaying the wrong colours and they were flickering. I Googled it and noticed a bunch of people were having the same issue at the same time. I contacted Corsair and they said it was faulty and now that it was out of warranty, I would have to purchase another one. I had been away for 2 weeks and the keyboard hadn't even been touched and it was working fine before I left so I protested their judgement. I was told there was nothing they could do.

I recently decided to just uninstall all of the Corsair software for the keyboard and guess what? The colours are all fine and none of them are flickering. Remember when Apple got in trouble because whenever they released a new phone the old models would start to slow down? I believe this is what Corsair are doing to make people buy new peripherals.
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