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firmware updated sir !

too bad I didn't check your last response, I tried few distros with no success, and my first attempt was using my old Lubuntu LiveCD.

I did visit their site to check out the latest version tho... and BAAM a specific .iso for MACS !

Guess what ? I started the download, but I was so pissed off that all I had in my mind was "screw this *****, lemme try only kubuntu or ubuntu, these exotic distros will never help me".

After I posted my "giving up" reply, I went to sleep. But the SUPER SPECIAL EDITION FOR MAC ONLY that I canceled the download earlier, was whispering "come on dude, try me.. you know, I was made specially for macs, what if I got different sata drivers to detect your ssd?".

In short: I downloaded the latest mac edition of Lubuntu, booted into LiveCD mode, and I can tell you that the ending was very happy haha

So here's the deal: since you did all the brute stuff, I think it's time to create an official thread about updating our ssd using LIVE CD. I wonder how many mac users are here, and how hard is to set up a freaking bootcamp partition just to update (I know, if it's working do not update.. I know...).

obs: this reply reading must be a pain in the ***, due my awful english sorry :(
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