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Sigh.. I am unclear what point you are making

Originally Posted by Thatualle1970 View Post
1 -- you're correct, the returned fan mode is omitting the temperature channel bits (bits 6~4); note that bits 7 and 0 are read-only, so writing 0xFF to a fan that's not detected will never return 0xFF.

2 -- feedback temperature is whatever you wrote to it last, regardless of channel, it's a "write only" register.
  1. Yes, but it's the none RO bits that are incorrect. With the Cooling Node it works as it should.
  2. Maybe, but unless I keep writing the same temperature the fan speeds change when they should not, so I think a timeout is coming into play. What is the URL where Corsair specify what should happen.
  3. Note the issue has not been visibly addressed after 23 months which shows Corsair totally lack professional diligence
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