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Originally Posted by MC.Kyle View Post
This. I had a chance to handle the keyboards and give them a good lookover and the packaging mentions nothing about "hybrid." I need to be honest towards the gamer clientele, because they put more research in to expensive performance parts than anyone else and they need that confidence they're getting that performance. I've already had one customer dismiss the keyboard because of the domes, before it even came up in conversation. I dislike having caveats in having to describe a product but they need to know where a product excels and falls short. Nobody should have to expect to go on a manufacturer's website and forum to read the "real specs" on a keyboard that simply advertises itself as Cherry MX red.

That being said, I can't see why domed keys make any sense. I would expect if I was getting a hybrid at all, the MX reds would be on the F row and home cluster, as they're the farthest your fingers have to go to use the keys. I won't mistakenly press the F/home on the keyboard so offering them as resistant doesn't work, because you could use Cherry black keys instead and still say it was fully mechanical. If it was any combination of Cherry red/black, this would make perfect sense for either resistance or sensitivity.
I agree with you so much. The truth is I waited for such mechanical keyboard for so long and finally it has arrived. I ordered it and as always I have started doing research after the purchase. I figured about the dome switches but didn't think too much about it. And in fact I don't think they are a deal breaker. Nor weak (in my opinion) wrist wrest.

This keyboard is simply awesome. It has everything I ever wanted (red switches, strong backlight, great design and FEEL - gush it feels like 10 times better than my previous Logitech G510) with a reasonable price tag.

I only hope the quality build is very high. Corsair just entered this market so I can only hope it is very sturdy - will figure that out in the future.

All in all I don't think you can get a better keyboard as of today - but I have to agree it is not a perfect product.

And yes I would love to see Corsair saying it was a mistake to put rubber domes.

BTW does anybody know if it is possible to buy red switches and change the robber ones??

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