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Originally Posted by SkyRyder View Post
Sorry to barge in here like this, but I just installed not the exact same set of 12-GB modules, but the 24-GB Vengeance modules from NewEgg and now I stumble across this unnerving post. Iíve set mine to run at XMP-1, all modules checked out with MemTest86, no errors.

I too noticed the weird CAS 6 setting in XMP-2 profile but never attempted to launch with it enabled. What's going on here? I hope this doesnít entail a long drawn out RMA process, but if its corrupt programing within the moduleís SPD, well what else. Please let me know what your findings are.

See pics of RAM label and BIOS Performance screen &
SPD Tab in CPU-Z for all six modules:
The cas setting is not the only thing that is different between the two XMP profiles. The one with the cas 9 has vtt 1.2 volts and the one with cas 6 has vtt of 1.35 volts. According to a post I read here, the Gulftown cpus require 1.2 volts and the other cpus are supposed to use 1.35. You could really get in a mess if you wanted to use XMP with 1.35v. The computer would likely not post. You'd have to set everything manually which kinda negates the purpose of XMP.
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