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ASUS does not fashion a bios to work with only 1 brand of memory. Their bios is supposed to boot memory that conforms to JEDEC standards which is what is in our SPD.

Now seriously, who should ASUS source their timing from ??? if not corsair ???
stop rolling ht eball into ASUS court.
I'm not sure what you mean about passing the ball but no one at Corsair writes bios code for ASUS. ASUS has our memory modules and can resolve the issue as they wish. Have you totally forgotten the post in this thread where ASUS reportedly assumes responsibility for the issue?

btw .you mentioned that the lab report is for the 6400C4, we are dealing with the C5 pair this are DIFFRENT RAM chips inside !!! diffrent timing.
This issue covers more than just the 6400C4. Read the thread, I don't control who posts here.

memtest say that everything is ok but specmike now say that we MUST leave the default setting!! Please Corsair help us...
I did not say you must leave your bios at default settings. I'm stating that we cannot recreate your issue in the lab. And, when we validate memory, we leave all bios settings other than voltage and the 4 latency timings at stock settings.

ans please let us KNOW what it the OFFICIAL Corsair FULL spec timing for these modules
We have already provided this information many times.

I don't understand the confusion here. If you have found settings that work then what is the issue?
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