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Originally Posted by c_fun View Post
I understand your confusion, and i will clarify.
I got the info from Timus, i think at the first thread he posted he wrote it with a 6 so i used it with a 6.
Now even though the bios was with 6 at this parameter, when i run MEMSET it reported it as 5

after u mentioend that and i saw Timus reporting it as 5 later on, i just put in the 5 and run memtest, and passed it again.

so basically i pass MEMTEST and have stanility with both 5 or 6 in that parameter.

As you said we need an offical parameter readout form RAM_GUY as these are their modules and they should have ALL the data for it
Now Im really in confusion!
1st in this thread we are talking about TWINX2048-6400 right???

I dont think so cause now i see settings and timin for 8500, for c5, etc!!

Now I just would like to know if those timing ARE correct or I've to go back to the SPD timin (that all we know is wrong) I dont want to damage somethnig.. memtest say that everything is ok but specmike now say that we MUST leave the default setting!! Please Corsair help us...

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