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Yeah this is sad. Mouse had been out on the market for like 6 months and the only viable solution is to open mouse and mechanically fix omron switch which would probably also result in voiding the warranty.
I thought of just switching the mouse for other Corsair mouse but seems like the Glaive is the only option, since M65 sniper button is badly placed and sometimes missclicked when picking mouse from the ground which I sometimes do, I don't need that many buttons as Scimitar have and Sabre have a bad sensor. Not to mention that all of them have double-click issue is what I have read on this forum but at least not on the scale that Glaive has.
If I would have confirmation that opening and fixing omron switch with the video shown few posts above wouldn't void warranty I would do it. I could just give the mouse to support if they would do it for me but all they do is replace the mouse for new one with the same issue.
For more that 2 months the firmware for mouse is 1.04 and no news when the new one comes out or even if they try to work on fixing double click issue.
I wonder how many people who bought this mouse have no problem with double-click. Maybe its a false batch of omron switches for europe and all is fine in asia or sth. But if thats the case then why noone tested it. How could Corsair release such mouse with problem this big on a huge scale.
If anyone have a good alternative I'm all ears.
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