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Originally Posted by EvilKillaruna View Post
Opening Glaive is a bit troublesome, since all four main screws are hidden under the largest slide pads. Once they have been peeled off, it will not be possible to glue them exactly as they were before. I can't see them anywhere to buy as a spare part and my mouse was opened twice already (for two different fixes to try one after another) so they are already in not good shape. If I could buy them separately, I could try to make more precision tutorial. Be advised that once your mouse is opened, you are doing everything on your own risk and probably void your warranty.

The main problem is that you have to deal with very cautious disassembling process, including unplugging the communication tape, taking off scroll wheel and removing entirely one of the PCBs. Everything is made very tight. Once you take the main top cover of your mouse off (unscrew four mentioned screws and push the cover forward for releasing two hooks under both left and right mouse buttons), you should be able to figure out most of this process. I believe M65 is easier to handle than Glaive.

For the switch alone, the one used by Glaive is omron-d2fc-f-k-50m. You can open it with nail and/or toothpick:

Once you have it opened, clear it first and then gently bend up the main plate with mentioned toothpick and then prepare for bending it up. Put the toothpick like I did on this photomontage:

The bend should be really minimal. In my case it was something like this:

The feeling of this switch while working can be a little different after you put it all back together, but it shouldn't be more than 5% of a difference. Anyway, that was my way to fix Corsair Glaive double click problem.

Very good general tutorial you can find on polish site named Test Gear:
You can use Google Translator. I've used parts of their photos only to show you how to do it in our case.

Hope it helps.

Thank you mate. I'm not sure if you're the one who posted a video on youtube on how to fix this. but i can confirm that this, indeed fix double-clicking issue with my glaive.
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