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I just had my 2nd Glaive RMA'd and I recieved 3rd new mouse. When on 1st mouse double-click happened after 1 week, 2nd after 1 month on 3rd it's day 1. With previous 2 mouses maybe I just didnt noticed it right away cause i wasn't expecting it from new mouse.
At this point I'm pretty convinced it's just Corsair firmware problem and not Omron switches.
I remember previously with my Razer Deathadder that double-click appeard after 2 years of using the mouse (also with Omron switches), I asked the support for help and even though my warranty was over they gave me "special" firmware that wasn't available on their site and it actually fixed it for another 2 years. But after 4 years when double-click appeard again there was no more magical firmware to fix it cause mouse lost it's support.
Lets hope Corsair can fix this with 1.05 firmware or sth.
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