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Originally Posted by sausje View Post
I'm back with the same issue, on 6.02
It was fixed for months and now suddenly after updating, the same issue is back, even with the exact same settings.

However, my standpoint has changed. HWINFO64 is a FREE program and iCUE comes with something I paid (in total) hundreds of euro's for.
So I expect you guys to provide a fix for this and make sure it's not happening anymore.
As someone that paid for your product a hefty price (vs other brands), I'm now making a demand to fix this issue.

I NEED HWINFO64 for certain readings, unless you can provide the exact same functionality within iCUE, I will need to use it and you'll have to find a way to make both programs work nicely with each other.

Edit: it wasn't the same settings, it turned out it did reset and I completely forgot the "CorsairLink and Asetek Support" setting in the "safety" tab.
Still, I stand by my point. It's Corsair their task to make both work nicely, as Corsair is a paid product, whereas the other is free.
Maybe ... just maybe ... HWInfo shouldn't connect to devices that already have control software and where connecting to the device causes an issue? I don't understand why you insist on being angry with Corsair because a 3rd party app is doing something to their hardware that's known to cause problems.

This exact same problem will happen with any USB-based device that HWInfo connects to, not just the Corsair stuff. It's a hardware limitation based on the USB/HID interface.

Corsair did, at one time, have a global lock to control access to the device. That was removed well over a year ago because the latency that it introduced didn't allow for them to control their devices.
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