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First, let's eliminate the cable. Take a microUSB cable and use that to plug it into a rear USB port. See if that changes things.

Although ... TBH ... the fact that the LED doesn't come on - at all - isn't a good sign. I'm inclined to suspect that the MCU on the cooler is dead.

Looking in your USBDeView, the Commander Pro is pretty clear. Corsair's Vendor ID (VID) is 1b1c, btw. It looks like the RM1000i is disconnected and there is a PID (0c11) that I think is for the bootload for the CoPro, perhaps (firmware update). I don't see the H115i PRO in there (PID 0c13). If that was connected at any time, it will typically be in the list, even though it's disconnected.

Anyhoo ... that's why iCue doesn't "see" those devices ... Windows doesn't see them. You should also try turning off Windows Fast Startup and, in your BIOS, enable XHCI handoff and disable Fast Boot (this is separate from Windows Fast Startup) as it looks like, at least with the CoPro, there may be an initialization issue. And make sure that your chipset drivers are up to date - don't rely on the drivers that Windows installs automatically but install them from your motherboard manufacturer's site.
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