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Default How to define middle mouse double-click.

Originally Posted by SEMA View Post
Where would i define that?

The button options only seem to allow "adding" one option, and the macro recorder won't record mouse clicks (and unlike the (CUE) macro editor for my K95 RGB keyboard there's no way to manually add mouse clicks). I even tried programming a keyboard button press to the middle button and then use CUE to reprogram that button to a left button double click, but that doesn't work either.

I must admit the reason I asked was i expected better from Corsair. That mouse software (and version 2 of CUE) might look real pretty but they are an unintuitive nightmare to learn how to use, and the mouse software seems to be short on features :-(
I am a forum user, like yourself; note that you can file support tickets if you want official Corsair responses--although I've seen some of their employees posting, most responses will be from other forum users.

In the image below, I show how to add more than one option, without using the macro recorder, and show that you can manually add mouse clicks. Note that I have shown in the macro two consecutive middle mouse button clicks, followed by a pause, followed by two middle button press/release pairs. This shows you two ways to program a macro for middle mouse double-clicking; you should try the first one to see if it suffices, and only then try the second one, as using separate press/release events has a possibility to make your mouse appear "stuck" if the macro is interrupted after the press and before the release.

You should also add additional pauses between events (e.g. random 20-50 ms pause), especially if you intend to use the macro on games which have anti-bot implementations.

I hope this additional detail helps -- CUE software is more functional than you appear to have given it credit for, but certainly the more options Corsair adds, the more complexity for the end-user to grasp all the possible choices!

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