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Originally Posted by Technobeard View Post
These are not identical modules.

Aside from the CPU controller probably not liking the modules of different sizes, the two kits use ICs of different sizes and most likely ICs from different sources (different version numbers on the modules will indicate this).

Mixing memory like this is never recommended, even if the labels are completely identical for both kits (same part / version number). This is one reason why memory manufacturers sell memory in pre-tested kits and have done so for years.
Yeah ok, but when I purchased pc I didn't think about this. I could buy better CPU and less RAM and later buy more. Still have 2 more DIMMs for future. Now I need more GB and bought same frequency and brands RAMs. I know it couldn't works on another frequency / timings / brands etc. but not on almost same kits. So what's now? Should I send these RAMs to warranty or maybe should sell it and buy new one - 4 modules kits? Its fu**ing mistake... I don't get it.
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