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Originally Posted by SlySonders View Post
Its about a foot away from me.

It started working fine for a couple of days and now it started doing the same thing.
The only wireless device is my phone. This 2100 is a replacement to my 2000 which never had this issue. My phone was always near me.
I left my phone in another room and the problem persists.
If I am any distance past 1-2 feet from the dongle, the headset looses connection completely. Sometimes I have to hold the dongle right up to the headset for me to get any sound.
I have a similar problem. I just got the 2100H for Christmas, however it works like crap with respect to the mic. If I am further than 1-2 feet away from the USB dongle it completely drops out, but even close to the dongle is on and off.

As I just got this for Christmas, (even though it was most likely ordered 2 months ago) I think considering all the problems with this headset I might want to just get my money back.

However I guess I will have to go through support first.
Considering the 1000's of posts about the problems with this product, I would seriously expect a company that wanted to exist years from now, rather than the typical accountant run company that only looks 1 quarter ahead, to actually test their product before releasing it.

I will post my results on this issue.
I tried the headset on a different computer with Win 7 and Win 8.1, both had problems.
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