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FWIW, both of my G3il memory DC kits are single-sided.

Interesting you'd mention the droop mod. (I did the Vdimm mod on my mobo when I first got it, since it only goes up to 2.85v and the G3il memory needed about 3v for best performance. I removed it when OCZ came out with their "DDR Booster" and I got one of them. (In case anyone is wondering, yes I tried the Corsair with the DDR Booster once [set to ~2.8v] because it's also supposed to "stabilize memory" and voltage to it. Didn't help). As I understand it, the droop is for CPU voltage stability, right? I know the Vcore on this series of mobo's is really unstable and (in my case) I see it go from 1.56-1.648v! This is with the Vcore set to 1.585 OR 1.60v.

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