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Originally Posted by xMet_ View Post
The temp after sleeping for a while is room temp (30ish degrees because Australia). It'll stay like that until I game for a few minutes, that's when the pump/fans ramp up and stay like that until temperatures drop a bit, I'll try disabling the fan control once I get home.
OK, that actually is good news. If you are starting out at 30C base and it only kicks in hard when gaming, then it is hitting the 40C threshold naturally - no physical issues. The default curve (as well as the software presets) are based off a standard 20-23C room temp. If you live in a warm climate or just Summer in a temperate one, it's not that hard to make it to 40C. It doesn't mean you have reached a critical stage if the coolant rise is only +6.

The normal recommendation is make an appropriate fan curve for your room temp using the software. Since that is not available to you yet, take the fans off the pump and move them to the motherboard. Use CPU temp as a control source. They might be racy, but you will be able to prevent to constant full blast. Once you have a USB 2 splitter or hub, then you can active software control and see how the coolant temp reacts and make your own curve you can control.
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