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How do I know if the headset is toggled to doby 7.1 or stereo. I see no visible cues on the mic led's. When I hold the toggle in (long) I here two beeps, one set loud and the other soft. There is no explanation in the user manual on how to tell which sound indicates stereo and which indicates dobly 7.1.

The only reason I have the Void RGB is because Corsair RMA'd my HD2100 because the plastic connection to band over the top of the head broke. I was very happy with the HD2100's (stereo/5.1/7.1).

I just went upstairs and experimented with cue software by holding the volume rocker switch/toggle (short press) EQ Presets/toggle (long) Stereo Headphone/Dolby Headphone:

Toggle Stereo
Low sound of beep, beep then second low sound of beep, beep then mic led flashes red

Toggle Dolby Headphones
High sound of beep, beep then second low sound beep, beep then mic flashes red

This sound and visual indication should really be explained in the manual like it does for toggling the EQ Presets.

I will go and test it in IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 now that I know how to test it.

I already knew how to toggle the EQ presets (up to five)

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