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Originally Posted by Proffo View Post

However, most people seem to think that the design and build of the Kxx RGB keyboards is very good indeed (almost certainly better than any other RGB keyboard). The uneven lighting on the keys with two symbols is the one thing that detracts slightly from how good the keyboard looks, but apart from that it's pretty well perfect.

Technically it's been disappointing due to the limitations in the RGB lighting, and that was one of the main features of these keyboards. Some people are happy to live with these limitations, others less so. It's all very well saying that apart from the lighting the keyboards are great, but the lighting is the thing that customers pay a premium for, and it's what sets them apart from keyboards with monochrome or no lighting.
The number key's and other symbol keys are an item I pointed out when I first got my K95, unfortunately only a couple of manufactures of LED KB's produces keys that solve that issue and for the life of me I can't understand why such an obvious design flaw was not corrected.

Yes we do pay a lot for the lighting, but we also pay a lot for the Cherry keys and the aluminum frame and the braided cord and the quality key caps and the per key programming etc.

Some day we will probably have a somewhat better keyboard and it will probably cost even more.
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