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Originally Posted by toddnunez94 View Post
And I know for a fact that its the fans. Just now, I took off my 750d side panels, and unplugged all 4 fans from the H100i. They are still mounted, just not plugged into the pump. I booted up the system, and oh my... it was whisper quite. Then a few seconds after boot, I plugged in each fan. As I was doing so, I could hear the rattle. It does settle down, but then it will rattle and make a vibration sound, that doesn't sound normal. Now, as I'm typing this, its almost as a vibration sound is coming from the fans every 2 seconds... almost like there in intervals.

From the past experience, I bought some XSPC radiator gaskets, because I assumed that it was from vibration off the radiator and case. NOPE. the gaskets didn't solve anything. But if the H100i booted whisper quite with no fans connected, then it has to be Sp120 fans, and nothing else.
Well, yes, it has something to do with the SP120 fans but I'll bet it isn't the fans. I have had the original 3-pin H100i fans and now the 4-pin PWM replacement SP120s and they don't rattle. In fact, the second set are quieter than the 3-pin first set. That yours don't rattle out of the case and do when in it, and that this happened with six successive sets of fans, and that two sets of fans here do not do this at all, says that there is something about how they are being mounted or perhaps how they are being powered.

I listened to the video and think I hear what you are talking about; the periodic faint zzzz.....zzzz.....zzzz sounding more like a cricket. That it pulses indicates that it is a harmonic with another component that is not at the exact frequency. When that happens you get an amplification effect when the two are in synch with each other and a corresponding cancelling effect when the two are out of synch with each other. There is another component that is aggravating the situation.

What happens when you do not use push/pull but only use push (only the two underside fans blowing through the radiator and out the top), as the unit is designed?
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