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It's not likely either. Take a look at your peak Vcore values -- you are hitting 1.35v. That's enough to clock willing processors to 5.0 GHz. Kaby, like Skylake before it, is overly flexible in the default configuration where the goal is maximum stability at the intended settings, not thermal efficiency under synthetic testing. It ramps the voltage up substantially during those moments. Part of the solution is to set your own specific adaptive voltage, even if you intend to run the standard frequency. Also, most of the boards have some way or another to limit the load line. I don't know the MSI BIOS on that board, but I think you will be able to find it with a some more targeted searching.

Event though you have dropped the Asus, their OC guide provides some understanding of the limitations.

The Tom's Review has some thorough power numbers to further illustrate the issue, but he telling quote is:

"Dissipating almost 140W isn't really a challenge for our water cooling solution. It’s able to deal with an Intel Core i7-6950X overclocked to 4 GHz, which generates a lot more heat than this. The problems lie elsewhere. First, there’s the CPU package's smaller surface area. Second, there’s the thermal paste, which might have made Intel's accounting department happy, but causes overclockers nothing but worry."

This CPU is never going to be a benchmark fiends dream, but that does not mean it is a poor performer for normal use. Use it for your normal programs and see what comes back, but also keep in mind there is difference between CPU spikes and a higher average core temperature. No cooler can prevent those CPU spikes you get when launching programs or at a certain section of a game. That is down to CPU, voltage, and instruction.
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