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Originally Posted by HarBear View Post
Very impressive mod!!!

I want to do something reverse here. So I am planning on buying two the Airflow Platinum Fans which has LED L2C connectors. I want to chain it to the end of my Supernight LED strip and control it with a remote. Could I do it with this Cruis Pixhawk I2C splitter?
Sorry for the late reply, I don't check the forum very often.

And thanks for the compliment about the case, I'm very happy with it. Since I wrote this up I have redone the wiring in the corners so it looks proper (no more multicolored wires just hanging about)

As far as your question, I think electrically what you want to do would be fine, there is nothing to LED's, they need 12v power and can even run them on molex or sata power if you don't wanna change colors or dim etc.

You just have to get the connection from the end of your LED strip into the LED wire on the dominator airflow.

At some point you will have to make your own cable since the channels on corsair stuff are not in the standard order (I mentioned this in my post)

I would try and find a cable with a connector that you don't mind cutting, since you probably don't want to cut the cable on the dominator airflow. What you are looking for is the EXACT connector you would find on an old IDE optical drive. the connectors on what you linked don't look the same as that (but i could be mistaken)
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