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Originally Posted by bentok View Post
Hey! Super nice profiles, i have been using them for some time now and love them!
But i was wondering. i play with flash on F instead of D. How do i change the color that lights up when i click it? :)
Might just be me who is a nut at this software, but would appreciate if you could tell me how to :-)
Originally Posted by GingieBread View Post
I was trying to switch the D and F keys since I use them differently than what was used in the profile but when I switched them all modes would switch to that specific spell effect. When I changed the D to ignite and the F to flash (both in the passive key gradient and the effect when the key is pressed) all the modes changed to ignite. If I change one back (tele or heal), the remaining 2 change to that one instead. Anyway to fix this so I can still use the mode switching?
I just uploaded a profile for using Flash on F instead of D, check it out, and let me know if you have any problems so I can fix them