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As others already said, great and very interesting post!

I just replaced my old H100 which was defective with a H100i and I'm currently trying to figure out what fans would be best for it since I find the fans that come with the H100i very loud under load. On my old H100 I used Scythe GT 1850 rpm fans and I think they worked great but now with my new H100i I want PWM fans. At the rear of my 650D I still have a Scythe GT 1850 installed as exhaust but I would like to replace this fan as well with a PWM fan so I can control that one too within Corsair Link.

I've been looking at the Corsair SP120 PWM fans, not sure if choosing them I should go for the performance edition or the quiet edition. Then I also read about Scythe Glide Stream, there are two PWM models...1400 rpm and 1900 rpm. Looking at their specs they seem to move a lot of air without making to much noice but not sure how good they would work as radiator fans and I also wonder if they would be fully controllable within Corsair Link - is the fact that they are PWM fans a guarantee for that or does the fan need to be compatible with Corsair Link is some way to be fully controllable?

Then for the rear fan one thing I was thinking about when reading your findings using it as intake rather than exhaust, I wonder what would work best looking at the Corsair fans for use an AF series fan or a SP series fan...?

Very interesting all this with fan configurations!
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