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Default VOID - CorsairDeviceInfo Battery charge


I'm looking for a way to get the battery and charge info of my VOID Wireless headset, if it's charging and its battery current capacity.

Perhaps this should be added into the CorsairDeviceInfo struct?

Point is, in the end I would like to have a system tray icon that shows the battery charge percentage.

CUE allows custom tray icons in the profile settings, so if replacing the icon it points to dynamically it might work (wishful but haven't tested). Otherwise if CUE doesn't auto-reload on icon replacement I'll just have to make another external program with its own tray icon showing battery info.


You guys at Corsair implement this feature directly in the next update of CUE 2.x, like a checkbox "show battery info in systray" ;)

One is curious of battery info but too lazy to dig it up from the depths of the CUE ;)