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Originally Posted by jack21allen View Post
Whenever I try to edit a profile, it automatically switches to another profile.
Originally Posted by jack21allen View Post
I noticed that any program it switched off of was either a hardware profile or linked to an exe. It did not have the bug where I couldn't edit: the bug where it switched to the profile every few seconds automatically.
Any HW profile or linked software profile will not stay active if you click outside the app window. That part is by design. Your default profile is whatever is on the top of the list and you should drag the one you want to be the default there. HW and Linked profiles cannot be the default profile and I would not keep them at the top. The program should skip down to the next available one, but it is possible that is the origin of the problem.

As mentioned, I know exactly the issue you are describing and after leaving exe linked profiles and returning to the desktop, it will jump to one 4-6 places down instead of the first available non-linked profile -- as if the the 'default status' has been improperly assigned. Deleting the profile does not force it to reset to the current top profile. It is connected to linked programs and something happening to the saved profile tree order.
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