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Originally Posted by pjschaffer View Post
Also, I had asked about connecting the front panel RGB strip to an LNP and the answer was that it wasn't compatible due to the connectors. Obviously an adapter could be made but I haven't wanted to try this without knowing what it could do the the LNP.
Thank you. I have been wondering about this. So AdamC, it seems you will need to work with at least 1 physical remote control probably dropped in the bottom of the case. Perhaps then 1 x HD120 + remote would be an inexpensive way to get into the game without having to splurge for the 3 fan pack + LNP/C-Pro. I still encourage everyone to go the software route. When I first got my HD fans with the remote, they lasted 3 weeks. I typically changed out fans every month from overly large collection, but these did not make it long. Too bright, few usable colors/patterns for what I wanted. I prefer subtle. 6 months later I went back and got a Commander Pro and put them back in. What a world of difference. I can make things as subtle as I like or blinding. Very complex patterns are possible. Brightness control. Now they never come out. I have the ML-RGB as well, but you can do more intricate things with the 12 vs 4 LEDs. The 16 LEDs on the LL have lots of options as well, but must be software controlled like the ML-RGB.
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