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Default Memory Part Number Breakdown

Here's a quick breakdown of how to decipher the new memory part numbers.

Your memory kit uses this notation if they start with CM and then are preceded by a letter. If a number comes after it, then it's a single module using the old notation.

Ok, here's how to break it down using this actual part number as an example: CMD8GX3M4A1600C8. Note that CM simply means Corsair Memory, so we'll skip that part.

Code (1..2) #G X# M# (1..2)
Part #
8G X3 M4
1600 C8

(1..2) means that one or two characters will appear here
# means that a number will appear here

Here's what each section of the part number means:

Code Meaning
(1..2) Module Type
#G Total Part Number Density
X# Memory Tech (DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR4)
M# Module Quantity (Number of Modules)
(1..2) Revision
# Speed (MHz)
C# CAS Latency

So, applying this to the example gets us:

Part # Meaning
D Dominator
8G Kit contains 8 GB of memory
M4 4 Modules in the kit
A Revision A
1600 1600 MHz
C8 CAS Latency 8

8 GB / 4 Modules = 2 GB per module

In the next post you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of each section of a memory part number and what they mean.
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