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Default Leaking Liqtech TR4 on TR 1920x - Time for a Corsair AIO

Hi all,

Couple years ago I built myself a Threaripper platform ( thanks also to your advise (

By that time, and still now for what I know, the only AIO Cooler covering the entire surface of a Threaripper was&is the Enermax Liqtech TR4.

During this 2 years I've never had a problem and was always able to keep pretty low temperatures when playing and when doing architecture renderings. Until last week, where I saw this over my graphic card:

Wich to me looks like a leak... (the stain was kind of greasy)

I did a small research and it looks like its a common problem from this cooler. Enermax even recognized it and produced a rev. version called Liqtech TR4 II. Though, this new rev. version looks like it has the same problems.

Lucky for me my computer didn't get any damage, but I don't want to risk it. So it's time to get a new AIO Cooler.

At the time I also considered a Corsair AIO Cooler as I do like and trust a lot this brand, but was afraid it could not keep the temps in control as none of them where covering 100% of the surface. For what I've read now, people are using Corsair coolers with Threadrippers and looks like there is no problem.

Would you mind giving me a hand on choosing the best Corsair AIO Cooler for my TR 1920X? The H100i RGB Platinum looks like it could be a good option due to the square cooler and being quite new, but I see there are many others models (80, 105, 115...) and I'm not sure what could be the best one. A part from this, a COrsair one would perfectly fit in my "ecosystem" as I've all Corsair Fans and a Commander Pro to have everything udner controll with Corsair Link.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Have a nice weeken.

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