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Picture time! Today we are getting another item out of our wonderful EK care package. The EK Supremacy CPU Waterblock.

Once again, it's a nice looking package. Maybe Aquacomputer should go visit the EK warehouse and learn how to package things up nicely. I like Aquacomputer products....but my goodness. Sometimes their products come in a box that looks like it's been used about 20 times and almost never fits what is inside the box. EK packaging is a whole different world from Aquacomputer.

Lets open up this gorgeous box.....

Underneath the layers of cardboard and protective foam....the stuff is even then packaged in little plastic bags.....

The waterblock itself is packaged in a plastic bag with a sticker that seals it up as the original factory packaging.....

Mr. Panther likes the block. I went with the "Clean CSQ Nickel" version. I like these more than the original CSQ design with the cirlces.

The sticker says "remove" folks. Don't be a Chesty Spankers. :p

The block comes with 4 different jet plates. The one installed is their generic good performer, but there are specific plates of different thicknesses and width of openings, that are tailored for particular processors. The one on the far right is for LGA2011 processors, so I'll be swapping out for that one.

EK even includes some Gelid Extreme TIM, which is a good TIM. Nice touch.

Who's that good looking kitty? Who's that good looking kitty!

The base is nice and polished. Very well done.....

I really like the brushed aluminum look of the EK badges, and how they have used this design element across all of their product lines. EK even threw in some extra of these little disks for me so that if I have some inspiration on how to use them.....I'll be able to. Ideas anyone?

In the picture above and below you can get a feel for the difference in the sides of the block and the top of the block. The sides of the block retain a more "frosted" appearance, while the top of the block is more "clear". Also, when you get up close on a straight-on can see the machining marks in the block still. These are on the inside of the block in the water chamber portion. The outside of the block looked nice and smooth.

I'll be using the "lowfat" polishing method on this thing, and will take the frosted look off the sides, and smooth out the water chamber so that this thing looks like glass. Lots more pictures of that as I start the work.....

I took the block all the way apart and this is what the cold plate looks like naked.....

Well....after all those pictures and handling of the block...I had gotten it quite dirty. So I got a little pan of water out and put the block in it so I could clean it. Suddenly, and without warning....the cooling power of the EK-Supremacy manifested itself in a shocking display of frigidness.....

:p :p :p :p This block can keep things chilly! More to come!
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