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First up for the photoshoot out of my large and generous EK care package.....the XTX rads!

Like Corsair...EK is another one of the companies who always packages their products well. Attractive, protective, functional....

Comes with a set of long screws (30mm) and short screws, to get you through almost any installation.

Ahhhh....That's a good looking radiator. Nothing new about the XTX series....but it's EK's flagship line of radiators, and is always one of the top performers in testing.

The finish is superb, and the fins were almost perfect. It comes with 2x of the temporary stop fittings shown below, that you won't use. And also 2x of the nicer EK stop fittings. Allen wrench for the stop fittings included.

At 64mm thick, these are thicker than the SR-1's I used on my last build. Look and feel "muscle-y". Tough. I also love this bleed/fill/drain port on the bottom of the radiator. Could definitely come in handy.

Wait. What's that......

Oh yes. Of course. Rascally lil' panther.

My favorite shot....

I'm thinking about getting a small brush and using some Pink acrylic paint to fill in that EK logo on the side of the radiator.

Couldn't resist quickly putting on some fans to see what they look like on the rads. Love them!

The Mercury S8 will hold a 360 radiator in every spot that I'm using a 240. The reason I opted for the 240's was really that I didn't want to make anything feel crowded. By using 240's on the top of the case and in the flex-bays....this will leave me a little pocket of room for accessories in the flex bay that are longer (blu-ray, etc.), or for sleeving runs from shorter accessories. For the one that is side mounted in the bottom of the case, using a 240 leaves me a little pocket of space right behind the switch plate for all the cabling running from the front of the computer to the motherboard and other places. Could you still fit everything if you were using 360's? Probably. But it would be much tighter and cramped. That's not the look I'm going for with this build. Plus...3x 240's is probably more than enough radiator space to cool this Pinterest powerhouse!

Taking pictures of the CPU block now......more later.
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