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Originally Posted by quattr0 View Post
iCue is definitely ruining almost all aspects of my gaming experience. I joined this forum just to join in on these subjects because as far as I can tell, my games run like crap when iCue is running. I had to force off all graphics settings specifically for icue.exe in the nvidia control panel just for it to not make my screen flicker by moving my mouse on the desktop.

It's not the polling rate. I can set everything down to 125 and nothing changes. Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Division 2, LoL, all run like garbage whenever I move the mouse. If I exit iCue it runs like butter. I've had this corsair K95/ST100/MM800/Ironclaw setup for maybe a month. I don't see why this would randomly start happening but after doing some research it's not just me and this isn't a new issue.

I could honestly live without the light customization right now. It's the fact that I cant use the DPI I want if I want to play that kills me.
Set Gsync to run in Fullscreen only:
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