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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
First, the H115i Pro cooler is SATA powered. So it doesn't get its power from the fan header; that's the issue that some folks refer to with the AIO_PUMP header. It does have a fan header that you'll want to plug in to the CPU_FAN header; this will provide a tach signal to the header so you don't get a CPU fan warning from the BIOS on boot.

The AIO headers on the Asus boards are really standard fan headers that are set to 100% by default. You can go into the BIOS and enable Q-Fan control for that header and use it just like any other fan header. Or you can use a splitter on the chassis fan header and power both fans from the single header. The only difference is in control; if you switch around the AIO header, you'll be able to control the fan speeds independently. If you use a splitter, both fans will be controlled together and run at the same speed.
Thanks for the quick reply! So if I'm understanding this correctly, I should just follow the instructions from the Corsair manual... plug the sata power to PSU, then the radiator fans to the plugs from the pump, and then connnect the 4pin from the pump to the CPU_FAN header on the mobo. Which leaves me 2 headers free (CHA_FAN and AIO_PUMP) for the two exhaust fans I plan on using. Or use a splitter.

Did I get that right?
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