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I'm having the same issue as you. I think aside from the way you found them to freeze there are other ways. Any dynamic lighting profile freezes mine every few minutes. Sometimes I don't even need to use any of the lock keys, go to use caps lock and they are already frozen. To get them working again I have to reset the board (BIOS mode back to normal polling rate switch).

Sit there and just spam the 3 keys they'll probably freeze instantly or within 10-15 seconds or so if you are looking to just test if they'll freeze or not.

I posted about this the other day:

I have Z370 and the K70, so I really don't know what this issue is tied to because it does not happen on my old PC (Z68 Gigabyte board).

Other threads on this issue: (from 2015 lol..) (2014 same issue) (more recent 2017 thread)

It's either they are entirely clueless what causes it or don't care lol
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