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Originally Posted by duckneck View Post
I may or may not be interested in plugging in a z370 board and get a 8600k. Would the cooler be able to handle that do you think? I would evetually (again, probably not) modify it with overclock but can the cooler handle this stuff?

Are there any examples off the top of y'all heads on good air coolers that might fit, if the cooling isn't good enough?

Should I apply my own thermal paste to the cooler, or should the one that comes with it suffice (or should I just find out on my own?)?

also, I know there is one intake fan by the GPU, but I'm not getting a hybrid gpu so the fan slot is going to be empty on the bed of the case between the gpu and the mobo. Should I put an intake fan there or a out..take..? exhaust? fan there?

I'm really bad at figuring out all this air current stuff in these cases and google has only confused me more haha

edit: I'm basically 99.98% dead set on using this case b/c it's actually the best.
The included H6SF cooler should be able to handle the 8600K with a mild overclock.

As far as an additional fan, I'd recommend using the bottom 120mm as an intake.

For aftermarket coolers, it'll require a bit of research since they're not solutions offered by us officially. Most low-profile air coolers should work if you go that route though.
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