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I was having the same LL fans problem with all iCue builds (I actually reverted back to 3.2.87 a while ago after the full-speed fan issues with one of the 3.3 builds - while neither fixed the flickering LL lights on startup issues, I'm otherwise happy with 3.2.87 - the fan speeds are very responsive).

I use a Commander Pro and two LL fans, with four non-RGB fans (Fractal 3-pin) also running through the CP.

My exact sequence of actions for a workaround every time I'd cold start the PC was as follows:

1. Power on - LL fans enter a weirdly jerky, rough-looking version of default 'rainbow spiral', whether or not I've set iCue to run at startup
2. Load desktop, quit iCue if it had been set to launch at startup, and - regardless of whether or not iCue was open already - launch task manager
3. Kill the two different Corsair services that would always be already running (again, regardless of whether or not iCue had been set to launch at startup) - these would be 'Corsair.Service (32 bit)' (nb. I'm on an entirely 64-bit system) and 'Corsair.Service.DisplayAdapter.exe'
4. LL fans would then revert to a smoother version of their default rainbow wave
5. (Re)Launch iCue - after a brief 'no device detected!' warning, it'd find my Commander Pro and the lighting setup would go to what my manual profile was supposed to be.
6. My dashboard would now ONLY show graphs and stats for the Commander Pro, nothing else attached to the motherboard, or the motherboard itself. There wouldn't even be an option to add CPU, GPU, Memory etc - the checkboxes just weren't there. So...
7. Quit iCue (no need to kill the two running Corsair services in Task Manager this time)
8. Relaunch iCue a second time
9. Again after a brief 'no device detected!' warning, it finds my Commander Pro, and the lighting AND dashboard are shown as they should be in the profile I set up. Huzzah!

This was not just 'repeatable', it was EVERY time I switch on the computer. As in, it came to be just another part of my login routine.

Yesterday I uninstalled a free antivirus (Avira) that I'd been running since I built the rig (and since before I installed any versions of iCue). It had always worked well for me and been pretty unintrusive, but it was causing some issues with another program I'd just installed, and I wanted to give the latter a chance to run unencumbered.

Hey presto, upon rebooting the PC for the first time after removing Avira, iCue launched straight into the correct settings with no messing about needed, for the first time ever. Whaddya know?

Again, prior to removing Avira, it made no difference to the above routine whether I'd set iCue to launch at startup or not - even if it wasn't running at launch, I would still have to go into the Task Manager, kill those same two Corsair services every time, start iCue, quit again, and relaunch a final time to get my full dashboard and lighting profile loaded properly.

Long stort short, my version of 3.2.87 now seems to be functioning perfectly well from a cold start with Commander Pro, LL fans and no free antivirus installed. (Windows Defender and Malwarebytes are both still running at startup, for better or worse.)

Make of all this what you will! Hope it helps someone.

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