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Ok, the new daemon code is up. If I'm understanding your problem correctly, you should now see warning messages spammed to the daemon output, but it should work regardless. If it doesn't work then paste the warnings and I'll see if I can make anything of it.

I put up two commits which are identical except for some minor timing differences. If 63ab888 (the newest) doesn't work then check 9c28b21 (the one before it) instead. I notice that 11ec0b3 has some long delays which weren't present in b37a519, so I shortened them in the latest commit. That's the only substantial difference I can find so hopefully one of these fixes it for you.

Edit: Ok, after playing around with it a bit more I put up one more commit, 2ed0e96. It seems like the best solution is just to reset the board repeatedly sometimes. You might want to try out all three commits and let me know which one works best, if at all.

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