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Originally Posted by kc5vdj View Post
Nice work Dustin! You have been a busy man!

As for the PSU, are you going to submit one to jonnyguru? I would hope better parts are in it than the Silverstone SFX supplies, with better characteristics too.
Absolutely. And yeah, it's basically being designed to beat the Silverstone SFX units. Bigger fan, higher thermal threshold.

I have some jarhead friends that might be interested in seeing a "dress blue" option instead of black for this console killer.
Honestly the ID may see a little bit of reworking before it goes to release. A change of color isn't totally out of the question.

Also, what current model AIO cooler would you compare the CPU cooler to, just as a reference point?
It's about 2/3 of an H55.

Also, on a side note, since you say the cooler will be sold separately, would it be possible to fit it into a chassis with 80mm of clearance from the IHS top to the bottom of the PSU (Lian Li PC-Q18B, for instance)? If so, it could be exactly what I'm looking for to keep from having to do mods on an otherwise nice case.
Unfortunately I'm not sure.

Originally Posted by Reapexx View Post
Hmm I'm not sure how I feel about not being able to get the kit without the motherboard. Some people may not want the chipset/manufacturer of that particular motherboard, or may already have a mini-ITX board they want to migrate over to Bulldog.
Then I guess we'll just have to pick a reputable chipset and manufacturer, won't we? ;)

Of course, if I'm wrong and the motherboard is a special form factor for this specific case that regular mini-ITX boards won't fit in it, then that's a different story. I'm liking Bulldog overall, so far
Glad you like it! It's definitely going to be a standard mini-ITX board, so fear not.
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