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Default Default and XMP profiles error codes,double post additionally if XMP Enabled

Pc specs:
X hero
Dominator platinum 3200mhz 2x8gb CMD16GX4M2B3200C16
EVGA 750g2 supernova
H150i pro rgb

Hello everyone,

Can anybody help me...I am trying understand why
I am getting error codes at default 2133mhz speed
25,4f, 16, 27,4c,32,50, 37 (not in order) all codes don't shown for long apart from DRAM orange led code 32 which happens twice.
I RMA'D cpu, motherboard & dram already but still having the same thing...currently on latest BIOS 1301

If i enable XMP i get the codes when I power on it switches off after 1 sec then comes back on itself
When this happens i see the VCCIO voltage AT 1.3+ volts and VCCIA only raised to 1.18 lowering these helps can stop the double posts.
BOTH Motherboards, RAM set and cpu !( I must make clear) do the same to voltages. So i know it is related to the RAM so I am wondering...

Are these voltage strange....Since I know most people's voltage would say they should be within .05 of each other.

OFC i have done all tests i can think of outside of the case with minimal hardware. I mean really though i have the 3 components here twice!
Same voltages, same codes, same issues.

In OS environment it seems fine and i don't see memtest errors. But I haven't gone longer than 8 hrs each time in test.

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