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I realize the thread is old but it might be valuable to know that it is possible to sort of release all keys without reinit the SDK, by calling CorsairSetLayerPriority with a value less than 127 when you want CUE to have priority and above when you want to override CUE. I'm using that to change lighting when certain keys are held to highlight shortcuts in certain apps, I then set lower priority when the key is released to revert to CUE's lighting.

The SDK could use that feature thou as it is sort of there already when assigning keys to a layer in CUE.

Maybe interpreting a CorsairLedColor with -1 in one or more channels as "unset", it's backward compatible too.

Edit: Also you might want to store the previous key color before changing it so that you can set it back later, it would work if only static layers are used in CUE.

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