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Arrow 2 x CLNP does work

Originally Posted by SeanLcQ View Post
  1. I'm looking for a rgb strip which able to setup for my desk, as well as my case, so i'm curious is it possible to connect more than ONE CLNP (Corsair Lighting Node Pro) in one single PC?
  2. like chain all the RGB lighting strips effect among two Node?
  3. I wish someone on this forum could answer this cause I could not get the answer at nowhere.
  1. I know one member with 2 x CLNP so yes, it's also possible to control the LED strips with a CLCP (Corsair Link Commander Pro) and I have 1 x CLNP + 2 x CLCP.
  2. CL can only synchronise each strip of 10 LEDs, but the firmware can be told that 4 x 10 LED strips are 1 x 40 LED strip and then all 40 can be synchronized, but you need to write your own control software.
  3. See
  4. Currently the only way to get 4 x 10 LED strips is to get a CLNP which is rather silly.
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