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I had a strange issue a couple of years back, where my PC would do the same thing after min's on & just completely powering down & rebooting constantly...

I 1st thought about the PSU & replacing it, but on a whim decided to remove all peripherals & connect them back in 1 at a time & hay presto I found the issue.
Would you believe it the wire of my 8 month old Razer Naga Epic, it was shorting out the USB hub on my MOBO & causing the machine to protect itself from the surge.

My Win XP operating system (at the time) gave me no warning popups of the issue at all but when I plugged the offending mouse into my Mum's old Win 2000 machine the popup warning came up straight away.
This & a reminder of Section 75 of the consumer credit act was all the proof I needed to get Amazon to take responsibility & replace my Naga which I'm still using to this day :)

I had No need to replace mu PSU at all, so just throwing this out there in case its a curve ball that is causing your issue plus the fact that your getting an ASUS error warning.

I always find it's not fixing the problem with your rig but finding it that is the issue & like finding a needle in a haystack lol gl.
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