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Exclamation Leaving the cable in is not a solution

Now I am a corsair enthusiast, I love these products, but a wireless headset that auto shutdowns at random intervals of less then 30 mins (how do i know this? well because they do it no matter what i do or do not have open, even just sitting at the desktop) is impossible to work with.
Now not to hit down any attempt to help with flames , but why would i spend an extra 50-100 bucks just to have a wireless headset i have to leave plugged in to use ...... that just makes me want my money back.... more over the auto shutdown feature continues to shutdown the headset even while plugged in and charging.
I can say quite clearly that buying this particular headset was a mistake , i've had it since the beginning of this year and had nothing but problems with it.
For example, when i walk to the kitchen (about 10-20m away) the headset drops out..... not an issue.... but when i return to my room there is no other way to get the headset to reconnect to the computer other then removing and reconnecting the usb dongle.....
this winds up being very frustrating if i go for more then 2 cups of tea during the day.
I use windows 10 64 bit i have 16 gigs of DDR3 ram using dual channel so 4 4gig sticks, i use the msi 970 gaming motherboard, i have an AMD FX 8320 black edition processor, i use the GTX 980ti graphics card as my main graphics card and i run a GTX 760 for dedicated phys-x, i have tried updating firmware, reinstalling software, setting everything back to factory and re running installing again.... nothing works, i was even tempted to see if i could program the auto shutdown feature out of it all together but there are no walk through so I'm stuck unless i can get assistance here....
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