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Default Corsair LL120 fans (where to connect 8 RGB fans?)

Hi all! First new build in ages and never had RGB issues in the past (since it didn't exist). I have the Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM (with 2 preinstalled LL120 RGB fans), 1 Corsair LL140 RGB fan and 5 addition LL120 RGB fans I've installed as case fans. I have the Node PRO controller so the 3 LL120's that are installed at the front of the case are plugged into the controller. The back LL140 is also plugged into the controller. And I planned to the install the last 2 LL120's into the case and into the controller as well.

Here's my first question, the 2 LL120's that installed on the radiator on the H100i, I assume they can't be connected in some way to the other controller to sync with the case fans. I assume it has to be on it's own system. And I assume it can still be controlled and synched with the other fans in some respect with Corsair's iCue software?

Also, each fan has 2 wires. One that controls the RGB and a 4 pin connector. On my motherboard (Asus Maximus Code XI) I see a bunch of 4 pin connections. Some of these are named things like "RGB HEADER1", "FAN3", "CHA_FAN2", "W_PUMP", "RGB HEADER2", "ADD_HEADER2" (this one is missing the 3rd pin spot on the connection so it's actually 3 pins). And then near the CPU cooler itself there's 2 more 4 pin connections labelled "AIO_PUMP" and "CHA_FAN1". Can any of these be used for plugging in all these fans? I've also read I can connect them straight to the PSU but I don't know if that affects the RBG syncing. I've also heard about using a splitter.

Last question. 2 cables coming from the AIO cooler I'm not sure what to do with. It's a flat cable and splits into 2 connections. Both have 4 pins coming out and one of them has a #1 printed on it. I have yet to figure out where to connect that.

Sorry if these are noobish questions! Thank you all for the help!
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