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Angry K70 RGB MK.2 SE not detected

C K70 RGB MK.2 SE works well on the windows10 partition and runs icue flawlessly. I've updated the firmware yesterday in windows10, as well as once previously in November, 18 while on windows10. I did have ckb installed previously on Mojave OS Mac, and it was working fine except I had some boot issue (too many corpses) so I uninstalled it since it's unsigned and could have been my boot problem in Mojave OS mac. Installed the Mac icue beta but the keyboard is undetected. I factory reset my keyboard and reopened the icue app on mac, still no keyboard detected.

Side note, I have a windows10 partition on my mac HD so I can boot into either. Unfortunately, the corsair cannot be used to switch between the two OSs (hold alt during boot to choose which startup disk) holding alt doesn't do anything. On the ckb forum they suggested holding winlock + F1 until blinking then try alt, but that just puts the keyboard in some weird state that unusable. He said it's because corsair uses an alternate bios or something different from mac. I though it might be the no repeat keys, so I did the previously suggested terminal command apple boot repeat -bool false or whatever and the keys repeat now, but alt still isn't recognized as being held in time after boot before the OS loads to switch startup disks. Long story short, I have to keep a mac wired keyboard handy so I can plug in the usb real quick to hold alt during boot to switch os.

UPDATE: I searched for all the CKB files on the mac and deleted them. Also I force quit the daemon ckbdaemon in activity monitor, emptied the trash, then relaunched icue on mac. And guess what? My K70 rgb mk.2 was detected by icue. So If you're having this problem (no keyboard detected) . remove all traces of ckb-next and ckb from your system files by searching for ckb in spotlight search and trashing them, emptying the trash, searching again. The daemon will restart if you forcequit it before emptying the trash with the plist file in the trash. Then relaunch icue.

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