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Dude ... there are no "standard" Addressable RGB cables!

And if you are going to say that Asus Aura is the "standard" ... they are NOT. They are just the biggest motherboard manufacturer and have made their own "standard" (which isn't a "standard" because such a thing requires a standards body of different industry participants along with a ratification process ... don't confuse the biggest company on the block pushing their own implementation as a "standard").

Now ... the 4-pin RGB cable that is kinda standard is for 12V, non-Addressable, analog RGB. What Asus did when they added addressable RGB to their motherboards (which was after Corsair had already come out with their Addressable RGB offering) was removed a pin from the kinda-standard 4 pin analog header and made it a 3-pin header for addressable RGB. Gigabyte went down another path until recently - they used a true 3-pin header. Others use 3-pin JST connectors and will ship with adapters for Asus' non-standard.

The problem with this is that it's possible to put the wrong cable on the wrong header. Certainly, they try to mitigate that but ... putting a 5V fan on a 12V header doesn't tend to end very well.

There are standard fan speed connectors and Corsair certainly uses those. But you really need to get this notion that there is an official standard for addressable RGB out there out of your head ... because there isn't. The closest thing to is is probably the JST adapters - as those are seen on addressable RGB cables across the industry. But Asus didn't go down that path.
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