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Originally Posted by EpikasJones View Post
Just got the mouse few days ago and compared to my other (brand name quality mouse) it seems to have hardware based acceleration? e.g. seems to reduce DPI when moving pixel to pixel slow and seems to increase DPI when I fling it real fast. Am I just imagining this or is there really acceleration built into it that you can't turn off? And yes windows acceleration (enhance pointer precision) is off.
I just got the Dark Core non-SE version (don't need Qi charging) since my 3 year old M65 began giving me issues with holding the left click.

At first I thought I noticed an acceleration after configuring its settings on iCue, Windows, and in-game, and hence I am here. However, I rechecked my settings and it turned out I was on a different sensitivity from the default that I use. I measured my in-game 360 to actual inches at different flick speeds, and it seems to be consistent. No apparent acceleration.

So in addition to the Windows settings, make sure your in-game takes "Raw input" and has any acceleration-based settings disabled. I can't speak for the SE version but I would imagine these mice function identically in this regard. Cheers.
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